A luxury nourishing treatment for the body combining fragrance and essence filled exfoliators to smoothen the skin followed by fortifying your skin with essential oil/crème or wrap application to moisturize and hydrate the skin.
Chocolate Ecstacy Enfoldment
An excellent skin detoxifying enfoldment with a chocolate Exfoliant & Body Mask, chocolate protects your skin from free radical damage keeping your skin moist & well nourished
Revitalizing Red wine Enfoldment
Refresh & benefit with the Red Wine extract exfoliant & Body mask which have flavonoid, resveratrol & Tannin that are very good for skin thus helping you to have a improved blood circulation & superficial tan removal
Detox Luxe Enfoldment
Quench your body with our antioxidant enfoldment containing extracts of White Tea,Ginger & Rose water in the form of exfoliant and crème.
Gold Sheen Enfoldment
Modulate the collagen & elastic fibres in the dermis by indulging in our skin repairing,exfoliating & hydrating enfoldment which contains extracts of black currant,Balinese papaya & sauternes wine in the form of Exfoliant & Crème
Sea Spa Glow Enfoldment
Hydrate your skin with antioxidant rich seaweeds & natural botanicals which are enriched with mineral salts,amino acids & vitamins in the form of Seaweed Extract Exfoliant & Essential Oils
Seraphic Sugar Enfoldment
A sugar based scrub fortified with Apple Blossom & Kumquat extracts,infused with the finest organic jojoba oil & Cedar Honey enriching the skin with vitamin A,C & E in the form of Exfoliant & Creme